Tim Deibler OPA

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Tim Deibler OPA
Judge For: Spring 2014

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Tim Deibler has had a life-long passion for art. From his earliest childhood he tried to visually depict the world around him with crayons and paint. After studying with many of the local artists during high school, he chose to go to the Art Institute of Colorado. After graduating in 1979 he worked in the commercial art and video production fields until going full time as a fine artist in 1992. He has won five Awards of Excellence at the Oil Painters of America's National Juried Show from such distinguished artists as Daniel Gerhartz, Peter Adams, Quang Ho, Ramon Kelly and Scott Christensen.


Best known for his stunning portrayal of nature in oil, he loves painting the rugged mountain peaks, desert canyons and the pounding surf. With the success of his book Capturing the Seasons in Oils published by North Light Books he has become a popular teacher and workshop instructor. His work has appeared in many books and publications including: Art From the Parks, North Light Books Painter's Quick Reference Landscapes, North Light Books Landscapes of Colorado, Fresco Fine Art Publications He was just recently featured in the February 2012 Southwest Art article Of This Earth. Additional articles include: Plein Air Magazine: December 2005 Southwest Art: August 1998, April 1999, October 1999, October 2002, March 2003 and August 2008.


Born and raised in Oklahoma, Deibler's passion for landscapes, mountains in particular began after seeing the 1956 movie The Mountain as a young boy. His aspiration to be a landscape painter started at age 13 after receiving a copy of the 19th-century mountain climber Edward Whympers' book Scrambles Amongst the Alps. When opportunity allowed, Deibler moved his family to southern Colorado in 1999 where the mountains became his constant inspiration.


"Every time I look out the window or walk outside I'm in the mountains, making it much easier for me to observe the constant moods and nuances of nature. My goal is to portray what I'm experiencing in nature, I want the viewer of my work to say "I'd like to be there."

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